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27 Heatherstone Road

Having survived a stroke in 1998, at the age of 39, Jackie has found great solace in expressing herself creatively
since rediscovering my passion for Art. She believes she has a unique take on the world, as an Aphasia patient
with a background in Art. She attended West Sussex college of design in 1979, where she studied Art and went
on to complete her Bachelors degree at Brighton Polytechnic in 1983. This led to a career in teaching both Art
and Photography at a higher education level.
Her current work is collage using eggshells and other materials, which are very labour intensive as she only has
use of her left hand. Her personal strength is choosing colours that blend together to form warm and vibrant
pieces that reflect her perception of the world.


Jackie Wilding
27 Heatherstone Road
BN11 2HD
Opening Hours

16/17 June 11am-5pm
23/24 June 11am-5pm
30 June/01 July 11am-5pm

What can you see here?
  • Collage
  • Mixed Media