This is our list of Artists seeking Venues. If you would like to get in touch with anyone on this list, please email us at and we will pass on your details. Thank you!

Alan C Disciplines: Video/Digital, Mixed Media, Photography
Analogue / Digital Artist producing photographic and digital art prints - require a large clear wall space in central worthing area to hang large, medium and small framed prints plus floor standing print rack and postcards.
Angela BDisciplines: Painting
My current body of work consists of small scale oils, exploring the themes of origins and belonging. The work is developed from the source material of found photographs. The selection process, when choosing images to use as a starting point, is based on composition, character and nostalgic recognition. In my work I look not to dictate a specific meaning but rather to prompt either some form of recognition or inspire curiosity, and for the viewer to determine their individual narrative. I am looking for a venue to exhibit works ranging in size from 2x3"" to 10x10"" at the largest.
Brian TDisciplines: Ceramics, Sculpture
Ceramic scultures with mixed media space to show pieces on shelves, tables, or plinths. My ceramics and sculptures are mainly unplanned, intuitive and eclectic. The work is formed in stoneware and earthenware. Some are fired with glazes and oxides in a gas reduction kiln or an electric kiln, others are fired in a Raku kiln or by using an earth pit firing, the piece is then assessed and if necessary I then add other mixed media to the ceramic sculpture to complete the work and present it on display base.
Connor LDisciplines: Photography
I have a range of items including Acrylic Jewellery, Photography and other items.
Duncan TDisciplines: Drawing, Painting
Paintings and drawings of my environment - seascapes, natural and urban art work. Experimental, expressive and colourful, on canvas, board or paper. Will produce artwork to fill any size wall space.
Eril NDisciplines: Painting, Photography
Oil paintings, from small er A4 size up to 60 x 80cm approx. Framed and stretched canvas. Flexible on space.
Four Hands GlasswareDiscipline: Glass
We produce contemporary, functional hand etched glassware & mirrors. We would ideally require table space as we have our own display stands. Lighting is very important to us too. We have lights and public liability insurance.
Iva SDisciplines: Drawing, Painting
I'm mainly producing acrylic paintings, depicting figures and abstract forms. I'm looking to display a number of paintings, approx 1x1,2m in size. I'm passionate about my work and would love to have an opportunity to showcase my work as part of WAOH 2018.
Jenni WDisciplines: Painting, Printmaking, Textiles
Looking to exhibit my 2ft x 2ft acrylic paintings. May also have some weavings and small lino prints to exhibit.
Jonathan P SDisciplines: Collage, Mixed Media, Painting
Laura RDisciplines: Photography
Louisa JDisciplines: Collage, Mixed Media, Painting
I have a background in contemporary dance, and performance arts, this translates through my art with intuitive visual expressions, my pieces are layered, vibrant in colour with depth transending from 2D to 3D, with strong use and understanding of acrylic and watercolor, I cross processes and push boundaries with the use of materials, shape and form with mixed media, using texture, collage, and textiles, my work brings a positive enlightening message and speaks and reaches out with a voice to heal the soul and bring hope, the art I create is from my heart, brush to canvas and ink to paper, I freely share the rubbing colours and flowing words from within, with a message from my spirit, I provide artwork that is uplifting. Joyful, and really moves you, provoking emotion, well being, calm and contentment, instilling light, love and with a burning fire of inner strength and creativity, I also design jewellery, hand dye clothes and bags, silk painted scarves, and Beautiful keepsake boxes.
Mary WDisciplines: Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Painted woodcuts & prints . Wall space.
Rachel WDisciplines: Sculpture
My sculptures and relief wall art are made almost entirely from cardboard. As yet I've not found a waterproofing solution therefore require indoor space. The work is not colourful, the focus is on form, pattern and texture and is very unique.
Roberto PDisciplines: Painting
I'm an Italian artist inspired by the architectural panoramas and landscapes around me. Much of my current work is of locations around Devon and Cornwall. My favourite mediums are oil and watercolour. I would love to show my work during the event in a shared space.
Sally LDisciplines: Drawing, Painting
Drawings and paintings approx A3 and A2.
Sandra SDisciplines: Sculpture, Mixed Media, Painting
My work is made up of acrylic paintings which are usually figurative and of a small size (less than A3 for this year) I hope to show about 6 or 7. I am also hoping to create some small figurative sculptures (about 5 or 6) so a table or window sill would be helpful.
Sharon PDisciplines: Collage, Video/Digital, Printmaking
A3 + digital prints + some relief collage prints. Looking to exhibit around 10 frames + loose bits on a stand.
Siobhan PDisciplines: Drawing, Jewellery, Painting
I do a variety of work from pen and ink with pastels to acrylic on canvas. I also create illustrated necklaces and would love exhibit as well as my paintings. I would love to have a small table and some wall space.