As of January 2022, there is a new team organising WAOH. By way of an introduction, we have each written a couple of lines about ourselves and feel excited to share these with you here:

Richard Biddle is an experimental poet and visual artist whose work has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies. He has published 3 books of visual poetry and continues to make work that explores the boundaries between language and abstraction.

Jo Kirby is an artist and maker who moved over from Brighton to Worthing in 2020. She works as a mixed media painter, jewellery maker and stained glass artist. Her work is inspired by nature, art, and philosophy.

Lisa Day discovered that leaving London and moving to Worthing seven years ago was a very positive and creative move. She likes to make things including sewing, carpentry and gardening. As a previous visitor to WAOH events she was delighted to hear it was being relaunched and was delighted to join the team getting it off the ground again.

Lorraine Heaysman is a local photographer and a seasoned art trailer. She has been part of the WAOH organising team for many years and brings her (much appreciated!) accounting skills as well as her art. Lorraine as a little gallery called Seasons on Worthing seafront, part of East Beach Studios.