Terms and Conditions

Please read and agree these Terms & Conditions before making your application (a printed copy of the Terms &Conditions can be obtained by emailing info@worthingartistsopnehouses.com)

By submitting your entry form to Worthing Artists Open Houses you will be agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.


WAOH – refers to the annual Worthing Artists Open Houses event and owner of this website;

Steering Group – refers to the named members of the Steering Group available on request

Artists / Venues – means any person, organisation, or business involved in the annual Worthing Artists Open Houses event and listed on the WAOH website and any other promotional material;



The Worthing Artists Open Houses purpose is to provide an annual opportunity for practicing Artists/Venues to display/sell their own work in a venue registered for the event each year.

Commercial premises are able to take part in WAOH, but the images and words used in WAOH listings must be solely relevant to the exhibition of artist’s work that they are hosting. Listings must not be used to promote a business or other unrelated business activities. It will be possible for commercial premises to apply for advertising space in the WAOH leaflet. It is understood that the name of the business can be used in the listings if it is in the address of the commercial venue.

WAOH is open to venues in the BN11 – BN14 post code areas. (It is accepted that many open houses also display work of guest artists from outside this area).

Artists/Venues will be responsible for their own exhibitions, its location, health and safety, curation and invigilation during the course of WAOH. WAOH and its organisers can take no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage, howsoever incurred. Artists/Venues participating in the event should be familiar with all aspects of WAOH in order to provide accurate information to visitors.

Artists/Venues are expected to contribute to the positive promotion of WAOH, using WAOH branded promotional material (available by emailing info@worthingartistsopenhouses.com). WAOH venue signs should be displayed prominently at the venue during WAOH, and removed in the week following WAOH and returned to the Steering Group.

Artists/Venues enter an agreement to exhibit their work and/or the work of others on the dates indicated by them on the leaflet/website during WAOH and must make every effort to keep to this commitment with arrangements in place, and notified to WAOH, to cover for any unforeseen circumstances.

Every participant should make sure they have Public Liability insurance for their venue for the duration of WAOH and it is the Artists/Venues’ responsibility to make sure they have cover for these dates. WAOH will take no responsibility for injury to members of the public or artworks when visiting venues.

WAOH is a community event, organised and co-ordinated by the Steering Group, and encouraging Venues/Artists to work co-operatively, contributing to tasks, sharing knowledge and positively promoting and supporting WAOH.

In coordinating and administrating the event, WAOH will regularly consult with, and seek the views of, participating venues through appropriate communication channels and remain, as far as is reasonable, responsive to Artists/Venues needs. However, in coming to decisions regarding the type and extent of services provided, and the nature of the direction and future development of WAOH, decisions reached by the Steering Group will be contingent on the needs and interests of the event as a whole, rather than the interests of any particular group. Discussions and recommendations arising from meetings are advisory only and are not binding to WAOH in any way.

WAOH will provide participating Artists/Venues with regular feedback and information regarding the provision of services, fees and other changes, including any decisions taken by the Steering Group, via appropriate communication channels, such as meetings, newsletters, and email communication.

To meet its objectives, WAOH intends to, but is not limited to, provide the following services. (WAOH reserves the right to change these services from year to year):

  • Your venue listed in the WAOH printed leaflet (10000+), distributed throughout local and regional distribution points.
  • Your venue listed on the WAOH
  • Social media campaign, on various sites
  • To work with Community Partners, in the reciprocal support and promotion of appropriate activities
  • Appropriate support and advice offered as available to Artists/Venues
  • Newsletters
  • Meetings to provide an opportunity to network.
  • Opportunity to mentor artists involved in the event.
  • Collection/collation of feedback from visitors, exhibitors and workshops.


Disclaimer: (you may like to display this in your Venue; it will appear on WAOH website/leaflet):

Visitors to the WAOH Venues listed on our website and on our promotional material do so entirely at their own risk. Adults are responsible for the supervision of any children in their care. Those involved in this event or our website cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of the public during visits to the venues listed. Visitors should be aware that some Venues can be hazardous because of the presence of sharp tools, chemicals and machinery. Children are any individual aged 18 or under.


Confidentiality and Data Protection

WAOH is committed to Privacy and Data Protection

WAOH collects personal contact information (including name, address, telephone number and email address) which you provide on a voluntary basis.

Contact details are used to follow up on your requests and keep you posted on WAOH latest news, offers and available services. If you don’t want to be on our mailing list, you can opt out anytime by sending an email to info@worthingartistsopenhouses.com

WAOH will not share your personal information with third parties for any other purpose without your consent, unless required by law. Any personal information we collect will never be sold to any companies or individuals. If you have supplied contact details to WAOH and thereby given your consent, you may be sent relevant news, special offers or other information you have expressed an interest in, or which might be of interest to you.


Contacting WAOH:
If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, or WAOH then contact us at info@worthingartistsopenhouses.com


Licence to Use Website

You may view, download for caching purposes only, and print pages from the website, provided that:

  • You must not republish material from this website (including republication on another website), or reproduce or store material from this website in any public or private electronic retrieval system;
  • You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, visit, or otherwise exploit our website or material on our website for a commercial purpose, without our express written consent;
  • You must not edit or otherwise modify any material on the website.


Charges & Payments

All listings fees are paid per venue – there is no limit to the number of artists exhibiting in one venue, nor are any other obligatory extra fees charged. It is recommended that venues share listing fees between all their exhibiting artists equally.

The fees are set at £60 per open house, £100 per public sector organization (schools, colleges, CIC, registered charity), £150 per private sector organization (registered companies, businesses, shops, cafes, etc.) These fees can be changed in the future but will be notified in advance of each annual WAOH and remain as notified for the duration of that WAOH

A non-refundable fee will be payable on application to contribute towards co-ordination and administration of the WAOH event.

WAOH charge no commission on artists’ own sales during the event or subsequently.

WAOH reserves the right to refund payment and withdraw any entry that does not, after due consultation and consideration, comply with our Terms and Conditions of registration. Racist, homophobic, sexist, ageist or language abusive to people with learning or other disabilities will not be accepted and the right to register with WAOH will be withdrawn. All venues should meet their requirements under the Equality Act 2010, especially with reference to access to their venues.


Copyright and Use of Materials

Artists/Venues agree to their images being used in selected promotional materials (including website, social networks and other media) unless unless agreed otherwise.

Please make sure that any text, graphics, photos or other media that you provide to WAOH and any 3rd party is either owned by yourself or that you have permission to use them. Any material you submit must not infringe any applicable laws or contain inappropriate content (such as indecent, offensive, defamatory or threatening material). You also agree to indemnify WAOH against any claims, costs and expenses for any material used at your request.

WAOH reserves the right to review submitted listings and change details which do not comply with the WAOH house style, or which are felt to be untrue or offensive. Composite images – where a single image is made up of several smaller ones – will not be accepted.

All Artists/Venues must undertake to correct any errors on their listings brochure proof and upload the corrected proof by the date specified. WAOH cannot accept responsibility for any errors.

When producing own promotion/publicity materials, Artists/Venues must include an official WAOH logo (which can be obtained by emailing info@worthingartistsopenhouses.com)


Changes to the Terms & Conditions

Any changes WAOH may make to the Terms & Conditions in the future will be posted on this page and, where appropriate, notified by e-mail/newsletter.

This version is 1.1 and dated 11/12/2015

Questions, comments and requests regarding the Terms & Conditions are welcomed and should be sent to info@worthingartistsopenhouses.com