Artists seeking Venues

This is our list of Artists seeking Venues. If you would like to get in touch with anyone on this list, please email us at and we will pass on your details. Thank you!

Adam HDisciplines: Painting, Photography, Video/Digital
The majority of my work is photography which is displayed as large canvas prints. A lot of local images that have sold in previous local exhibitions inc WAOH and Colonnade House including overseas for publication. Looking primarily for a corporate backdrop to display during WAOH 2020. New web site launching next year, YouTube; type in “worthing beach doorways”.
Adam CR HDisciplines: Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Local self taught artist and creative. Predominantly a painter in acrylics of land, sea and townscapes but also other subject matter and media. I have exhibited at the previous 4 Worthing Artists Open Houses and in London with Stars on Canvas for the Willow Foundation, Creative Waves Art on the Pier, Worthing Museum and Art Gallery for the Shoreham Airshow Disaster charity auction. Have also entered two of the Worthing Light Festivals, my most recent installation being 'Lux Nephilim', a 10 foot high illuminated skeleton (which is still available should a venue desire it).
Some of his work can be seen here:

I require mainly wall space for paintings of varying sizes, some quite large, and some table space for greetings cards etc. If possible/desired I can also paint live at the venue, depending upon space available.
Ann FDisciplines: Painting
I am currently completing a BA Fine Art degree course at Northbrook and my present subject is ' Farming Animals and their environment' although it can cover some controversial issues indicative of today's climate changes it is not extreme or offensive. I live in a farming community and that is why the subject was chosen. Some of my work can be large in the region of 1mtr x 75cm, it can be larger or smaller. I mainly work in Oils on Canvas or ply. I also do some Charcoal drawings. I have a website
Bambi GDisciplines: Drawing, Illustration, Painting
Hello- I am a local painter and illustrator. I have had work shown in Worthing Museum, London and Tokyo. My work is mostly figurative and it is maybe on the side of mischievous. I have some very large pieces but I am happy to only show smaller pieces. I would require some wall space (no larger than a couple of metres square) and I have my own Print browser. I hope to hear from one of you soon!
Barry CDisciplines: Wood Artist
I have been woodturning for many years now, but have recently focused more on the artistic side rather than the craft side of things. I do not at present have a great deal of pieces to exhibit but by June of next year hope to have enough to take part in the WAOH event. My work is not large and could easily be displayed around a house on shelves, tables, mantles or alcoves.
Caroline C-HDisciplines: Ceramics
Caroline Chalton Hellyer is a ceramic artist based in Lewes. She is constantly exploring her craft and discovering new techniques, creating along the way a diverse range of bright, fresh, simple designs for everyday use. A space that can occupy a 6 ft table is ideal for display purposes!
Constance HDisciplines: Painting
work with handmade natural pigments, which I collect and process myself from various regional and nationwide sources using several different methods of production, including following ancient alchemical recipes (which actually work!). The resulting colours are absolutely astounding and my work aims to highlight the beauty and vibrancy of these natural pigments.
The work itself is abstract and canvas-based. The pieces range from 2 foot square to 4 foot square in size, although I do also produce smaller abstract sketches and drawings on paper.
Helen BDisciplines: Glass, Painting
Acrylic paintings, stained glass and mosaics. I'd require a wall of a room and table space.
Ian JDisciplines: Drawing, Photography, Sculpture
Artist looking for a Venue
Isla WDisciplines: Painting
Artist looking for a venue
Jane CDisciplines: Drawing, Painting
Artist looking for a venue
Kathryn BDisciplines: Painting
I am inspired by the landscape around my home in Sussex. My paintings are abstract responses. I have a blog too, see link below.
Kitty McCDisciplines: Painting
Mary KDisciplines: Drawing, Painting
Linda McVDisciplines: Jewellery
Artist looking for a venue
Michael LDisciplines: Photography, Printmaking
My artwork includes photography, letter press, paper cutting, screen printing, and acrylic abstract prints. I also use digital image manipulation to combine some of these original pieces to create something entirely new, different, and unique. I have some framed pieces (mostly A4), some on photographic mount boards (7x5 and 8x8), as well as some unframed pieces (again mostly A4). I would like some wall space for hanging artwork, as well as a flat surface or small table for unframed pieces. You can see some of my work and contact me through Instagram #starvingartistmichael, or email me at
Michele MDisciplines: Design, Illustration, Printmaking
Artist looking for a venue
Nicola BDisciplines: Drawing, Printmaking
I work with local wild flowers and trees creating drawings and prints on paper, ranging from A4 to A1. I also work drawing on silk. Some examples of my work can be found here; and on I am currently in my final year of a 5 year Fine Art Degree at Brighton MET (Northbrook) College. I'm fairly flexible about the space needed but am probably looking at a couple of metres of wall space plus space to have prints in a stand.
Tricia JDisciplines: Collage, Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking
I am the tutor of a group of art students who have been attending Drawing and Painting classes for several years. There are around 10-20 individual student who are interested in exhibiting one or two pieces of work they have created over the past year. Students work in a variety of media from drawing - painting - printmaking and more.