Artists seeking Venues

This is our list of Artists seeking Venues. If you would like to get in touch with anyone on this list, please email us at and we will pass on your details. Thank you!

Alison CDisciplines: Jewellery
Bridgette BDisciplines: Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
I'm a self taught artist who missed out on art school many years ago! My creativity is inspired by spirituality, dreams, milestones, music.. anything that tugs at my heartstrings.. I paint in various media, sometimes mixed.. I am being encouraged to show my work. I'd be grateful for a host to offer wall space for one piece of work, maybe two? Thank you
Caroline CHDisciplines: Ceramics
I am a ceramicist looking for a venue.
Cherrie TDisciplines: Jewellery
Deb DDisciplines: Painting
Mostly A3 maximum sized framed paintings or canvas’ Animal and vegan themed.
Debbie MDisciplines: Glass, Painting
Would prefer venue very near town center
Eril NDisciplines: Painting
Oil paintings framed/stretched canvas and prints, Medium to larger sizes. Looking for a wall - 2 or 3 mtrs would be great.
Katherine LDisciplines: Jewellery
My work is silver and gold jewellery, usually one off pieces or limited edition. Inspired by nature and British wildlife in particular. I usually display my work in two Ikea cabinets that are 175cm tall, 50cm x 40cm. They have integrated lights. I usually steward most of the time as people like to try pieces on.
Loraine SDisciplines: Mixed Media
I love creating different things with wood on my lathes and also carve spoons and utensils. My work is quite varied. I also make decorative ornaments, vases and panels etc out of stained glass. These display well on tables, shelves and around windows or fireplaces.
Melanie TDisciplines: Mixed Media, Painting
I create intriguing and abstract explosions of colour in mixed media on stretched canvases, sometimes augmented with urban landscapes or mandalesque designs. I also decorate hand turned, medium sized wooden bowls with a variety of styles from realistic to stylised and abstract.
Melissa BDisciplines: Printmaking
Lino prints based on birds and local flora. Simple and modern/Scandinavian in style. Reasonably small in scale. I also have a range of hand-printed gift cards and tote bags.
Michele PDisciplines: Design, Illustration, Printmaking, Textiles
My work includes framed and unframed prints, greetings cards, badges, handmade make up bags and maybe also paintings and printed kids tees. My style is cute, fun, child-like and illustrative.
Pat KDisciplines: Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Artist living in Lancing. Paintings in watercolour and acrylics of flowers, still life and animals. Approx size 20x30 and smaller framed. Separate display stand featuring unframed paintings and printmaking supplied with cut out mounts. Separate greetings card display table stand about 15" wide.
Rachael SDisciplines: Drawing, Painting, Photography
My work is generally quite small (mostly not exceeding A4 size), and mainly consists of watercolours and ink drawings. I'm also thinking of displaying some of my photography (unrelated to the traditional artwork). So I suppose ideally I'd like wall space with lots of places to hang up small-ish works, and also if possible a table to display smaller prints and/or postcards? This is my first time applying to participate in the Worthing Artists Open Houses.
Shireen ADisciplines: Mixed Media
Paintings, using boot polish on primed cartridge paper. Due to characteristics of the medium the subjects have an ethereal and bold quality. Colours are limited so I do sometimes use wax crayon if required.
Sue CDiscipline: Printmaking
I am a lino Printer based in Hassocks who produces reduction lino wall prints. I also produce smaller framed digital images and greetings cards. It would be great to have wall space together with room for my browser and freestanding card stand. I exhibit my word regularly at Chalk Gallery in Lewes, Artologie in Cuckfield, Worthing Museum and the Green Tree Gallery at Borde Hill Gardens. I am also a member of the Adur Art Collective and Horsham Artists Group. My next event is the Horsham Art Fair in October followed by a pop up Xmas Shop in the Centre of Worthing throughout November and December.