Venues seeking Artists

This is our list of Venues seeking Artists. If you would like to get in touch with a venue on this list, please email us at and we will pass on your details. Thank you!

Andrea SThe Garage Studio
9 Hailsham Road
Possible space for two additional artists
Catherine V1 The Strand
I would love another sculptor to display work in my garden. They are most welcome to come and visit to see the space.
Charlie A60 Northbrook RoadAfter Tuesdays event I have found a couple of artists but would be interested in finding one or two artists that do sculptures/ outside art as I have a long garden that would be ideal to display these works.
Hilary P77 Westcourt RoadLooking for artists
Joanne CSeldon RoadI'll be displaying my animal-themed paintings. I'm looking to offer up floor/table/counter space and a small amount of wall space will be taken. Fellow vegans would be ideal but not essential. It's a ground floor flat with a good sized lounge and kitchen and a small office which can also be used. I'll be donating a percentage of my work to FRIEND animal sanctuary in Kent. The flat has access directly into the kitchen via a driveway and small patio area. I'm hoping to have full use of the driveway so we can invite people in.
John ESuncroft, 23 Bath Road
Large south facing garden near town centre and seafront needs sculptors with outdoor/garden work to complement the high quality work in the house. No stewarding required.
Joy BOffington Park Methodist Church
South Farm Road
The church has artists wishing to exhibit, but there may be spaces nearer the time of the event. The displays would be in the church and foyer. Space is limited by the size of the seating and the aisles in the church. There would be a table available and possibly window sill.
Maureen H49 Canberra RoadLooking for artists
Russ I24 Tagalie SquareI could accommodate an additional artist whose work is not too large, I am planning to use my car barn attached to my house and the rear garden (that has a covered area) when the weather permits
Russel GTurning Tides
6-8 Marine Place
We have a large main space, plus side rooms and a courtyard (if the weather is good). One or two extra artists would be welcome depending on size of exhibition. Our main focus is on art produced by people who are/have been homeless or are volunteering with us. We might be considered as an 'outsider-artist' venue. Our artists come from many backgrounds and work in multiple mediums, including found or discarded objects and photography. We plan to have construction days, where people are invited to build a motorised toy. We also have plans for a community music session.
More info here
Sarah M108 Heene RoadI may have some wall space