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As of January 2022, there is a new team organising WAOH. By way of an introduction, we have each written a couple of lines about ourselves and feel excited to share these with you here:


Lorraine Heaysman is a local photographer and a seasoned art trailer. She has been part of the WAOH organising team for many years and brings her (much appreciated!) accounting skills as well as her art. Lorraine has a little gallery called Seasons on Worthing seafront, part of East Beach Studios.


Jo Kirby is an artist and maker who moved over from Brighton to Worthing in 2020. She works as a mixed media painter, jewellery maker and stained glass artist. Her work is inspired by nature, art, and philosophy.


Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca is a former architect turned illustrator. Her brand Linescapes specialises in drawings of iconic buildings. She moved to Worthing in 2021 and immediately proceeded to immerse herself in the local creative scene by joining the Worthing Artists open houses team.


Beth Doll was a senior social worker and manager and also a painter and sculptor for the past 25 years. She has exhibited across Sussex and in previous Artists open houses both in Brighton and Worthing. In 2014 Beth began focusing on her art full time, joining the art community at East Beach Studios and in 2019 took over the running of the studios at East Beach and promoting the work of the 13 artists, as well as providing exhibition space in the 2 ‘pop up’ studios for visiting community artists. Beth has experience in marketing, promotion, and curating exhibitions. As well as mentoring individuals and groups to promote and exhibit their work at East Beach Studios.

Caitlin McLintock

Caitlin McLintock is the Head of Marketing at a London-based firm. Caitlin’s previous experience has also included hosting art exhibitions, managing cultural projects for local authorities, provided digital skills training, and working as an artist and illustrator. Joining WAOH, she's using her web development skills re-immerse herself in the creative community and help bring artists together.

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