From left to right:

Lorraine Heaysman
Local photographer Lorraine Heaysman is a seasoned art trailer and also takes pictures of local artists at work (a personal project) so was very keen to help out in any way to promote local artists. Lorraine also brings her accounting experience to the group and is looking after the monies!

Hazel Imbert
Hazel Imbert has a long career in theatre, teaching and writing, which have all turned out to be useful in the community arts projects she has been involved in for the past ten years. The art trail is a great opportunity for creativity and co-operative effort, a favourite combination.

Linda Bernhard
Linda Bernhard moved to Worthing in August 2005 and instantly fell in love with the town and its people. Since graduating from her BA Fine Art, she has been working at Northbrook College, managing the Fine Art Resource Area and supporting students in their course related projects. If she’s not sitting behind her desk at the college, Linda spends time in her studio, creating collages from mixed media sources that she sells and exhibits nationally and internationally. She’s an avid supporter of the Worthing arts scene, is keen to champion local and emerging artists, and plays an active role in many different artistic activities and events, most recently Worthing Artists Open Houses.

Naomi Frances
Naomi Frances is an Illustrator and Stained Glass maker who firmly believes that the arts are a way of bringing the community together and should be as accessible as possible. This is why she was so keen to get involved with Worthing Artists Open Houses 2016. Her qualifications include a BA (hons) Graphic Design (Illustration), and an MA Sequential Design/Illustration. She sells her work both locally and nationally.

Rebecca McCardle
Rebecca McCardle brings an enthusiastic and infectious creative energy to team WAOH. She is a practising Fine Artist who creates conceptual work using a variety of media and processes to transform and reveal inaccessible aspects of the object. She regularly exhibits her work and is currently studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Northbrook College Sussex. As a life long resident of Worthing she is passionate about the local art scene and her main aim is to make WAOH accessible and inviting to all, a celebration of great local talent.

Mary Tennant
Mary Tennant has over 30 years experience in Arts Management in the Private, Public and Voluntary sectors and a varied working experience and knowledge through her freelance activities. She has worked as a consultant and researcher and was Director of All Ways Learning, an organisation committed to the development of arts management professionals, based in the South East and funded by the Arts Council. It is this background that is proving to be very useful in her role as a member of the steering group for WAOH”