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Welcome to the WAOH Commitments 2024

The following guidelines outline our commitment to the event, and in return, what we expect from you (participating Venues/Artists).

All venues must be located within the Worthing District (BN11 – BN14)

The fee for WAOH 2024 is one flat fee of £95 for 2 weekends for all venues.*

All fees must be paid in full at the same time as registering. Payment and bank details can be found on the registration form.
Payments are non-refundable.

Artists/Venues will be responsible for their own exhibitions, its location, health and safety,
curation and invigilation during the course of WAOH.

We, the WAOH team, have a commitment to:

− Advertise the event in various publications, within budget capabilities, and distribute brochures through local and regional distribution points.
− Produce a trail map and guide for distribution
− Provide promotional materials for venues, within budget capabilities
− Advertise the event on public sites with signage, within budget capabilities
− Maintain a social media presence about the event (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
− Build and maintain the event website
− Manage the event finances and report the final accounts
− Provide information to participants via regular newsletters and/or website
− Support and advise participants
− Collect feedback during and after the event.

We expect participants (venue hosts and artists) to:

− Commit to full participation; We expect venues to be open to the public between 11am – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday of all art trail weekends**
− Comply with the submission deadlines and submit full and accurate information as requested. Submit images and information as specified***.
− Maintain communication – between yourselves as venue hosts and artists, and with us, the WAOH team – and attend General meetings if possible.
− Ensure that appropriate insurance is in place and that the venue is safe for visitors, minimising any risks to the public.
− Actively promote the event through the provided brochures and WAOH promotion material. Participate in promotion events and online campaigns.
− Manage signage and directions to your own venue and ensure all promotional material is removed from public spaces immediately after the last day of the trail.
− Return requested WAOH promotion material after the event.
− Proof read entries in event information as requested
− Provide feedback on visitor numbers to enable the organisers to put together statistics and effectively plan for future events.

For our full Terms & Conditions please follow this link. There is a detailed Opening Your House guide available, including advice from recent participants. You can find this guide here.

* Definitions: Residential Venue hosts whose venue is located at the hosts home or buildings/outbuildings within the external boundaries of their home. Non-residential Venue hosts whose venue is located in any other location that is not primarily used as the hosts place of residence. NB for 2024 there is one flat fee for all venues; residential and non-residential.
** In shared venues artists can negotiate their own staffing arrangements to ensure these are adequate throughout the event.
*** We will be receiving images from all venues so complying with the specifications set out is critical to enable us to allocate them correctly in the brochure and website. Thanks for your co-operation.

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