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Venue details deadline 1st March

Please send us your venue information for the 2023 brochure/map by Wednesday 1st March, as follows:

Venue information:

Address, including postcode
Contact details
Venue online presence, if you have one (website/instagram/facebook) – please choose just one
Accessibility details ie. ground floor / stairs, etc
Opening times – (these are assumed to be 11am – 5pm- please state if otherwise) for all six days: June 17/18, 24/25 & July 1/2

Details of all exhibiting artists:

Very brief description of work ie: ‘silver jewellery’, ‘landscape oil paintings’, ‘contemporary ceramics’ etc.
(Please note if you make this too long we may have to shorten it as we only have limited space on the brochure).


Please send us 3 images per venue, clearly labelled using the venue address, numbered in accordance with your first choice, second choice etc, eg: ’16 Archibald Road 1′, ’16 Archibald Road 2′ etc.
Please note we will only be able to include one image in the brochure – we will prioritise your first choice, then second, etc. This is to give us flexibility for the overall brochure design.

All images must be square.
All images must be jpeg format
All images must have a minimum resolution of 1200 pixels and 300dpi

Please send all this information, including the images, via email to this address by Wednesday 1st March, either by replying to this email or writing a new one (in which case please call it ‘Venue Information 2023’).

We look forward to receiving your info!

Many thanks,

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